Major Program Areas Emphasized

  • Mosquito Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Biology and Control of Mosquitoes in Human-Made and Natural Containers.
  • Mosquito Production Associated with Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Areas and with Stormwater Detention/Retention Systems.
  • Biology and Ecology of the Indian River Lagoon Estuary and Associated Flora and Fauna.
  • Genetic, Morphological and Ecological Differentiation of Malaria, Virus, and Filaria Carrying Mosquitoes.
  • Evaluating and Predicting Encephalitis Epidemics in Florida.
  • Nutritional Needs of Florida Mosquitoes.
  • Behavior and Biocontrol of Mosquitoes and Sandflies.
  • Removal Trapping as a Means of Controlling Biting Arthropods.
  • Modeling of Mosquito and Sandflies and the Diseases They Carry.
  • Providing handbooks, various videos, fact sheets, technical bulletins, brochures, computer tutorials, traveling displays and exhibits, a quarterly magazine, a news-letter, workshops, seminars, and training courses.