Dr. Phil Lounibos - Graduate Students, Postdoctorals, and Staff

Current Graduate Students at University of Florida: Co-supervisor of Maria Cristina Carrasquilla (Ph.D) and Catherine Pruszynski (Ph.D).

Recent UF Theses Supervised: Marcus Griswold (MSc., 2004) Predator-mediated Coexistence and Multiple Predator Effects in a Treehole Community; Barry Alto (Ph.D., 2006) Larval Competition and Adult Susceptibility to Arbovirus Infection in Container Mosquitoes; Robyn Raban (MSc., 2006) Studies of Aedes albopictus Oviposition and Larval Density, Development, and Interactions with Wyeomyia spp. in Exotic Bromeliads of Southern Florida; Jennifer Armistead (MSc., 2007) Interspecific Competition between Invasive and Native Container Mosquitoes in Northern Virginia; Catherine Westbrook (Ph.D., 2010) Larval Ecology and Adult Vector Competence of Invasive Mosquitoes Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti for Chikungunya Virus; Harish Padmanabha (Ph.D., 2010) Interactions of Temperature with the Dynamics of Aedes aegypti (L.) Development in Household Vessels ; Christy Johnson (MSc., 2010) Survival of Culex pipiens mosquitoes along a Land-use Gradient; Erik Blosser (Ph.D, 2014) Testing Plasticity of Develpmental Strategy in the Aquatic Dipteran Larvae of Corethrella appendiculata; Eva Buckner (Ph.D, 2014) The Larval Environment and Vector Competence of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquito for Dengue-1 Virus; Maria Carrasquilla (Ph.D., 2017).

Recent Graduate Student Thesis Committees: Peter Obenauer (UF: Ph.D. 2009), Dulce Bustamante (UF: Ph.D. 2009), Banu Kesavaraju (Illinois State: Ph.D. 2007), Don Yee (Illinois State: Ph.D. 2006), Jose Derraik (Univ. of Otago, NZ: Ph.D. 2006), Kim Medley (Univ. Central Florida: Ph.D. 2012), Nildimar Honório (Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Brazil: Ph.D. 2009), Jay Nicholson (Univ. of Queensland, Australia: Ph.D. 2012), Nick Ruktanonchai (UF: Ph.D. 2014), Esther Anderson (Monash University, Australia: Ph.D. 2015), Kylie Zirbel (UF: Ph.D. 2017), Isaiah Hoyer (M.Sc. 2017).

Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scientists (current base): Nildimar Honório Rocha 2015-2017 (Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro); Irka Bargielowski, 2011-2017 (FMEL); Michael Reiskind, 2005-2008 (North Carolina State Univ., NC); Eric Brown, 2002-03 (Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela); Steve Yanoviak, 2001-2005 (Univ. Louisville, KY); Marieta Braks, 2000-2004 (Netherlands Health Dept.); Raul Campos 1997-1999 (Instituto de Limnologia, Argentina); Jan Conn, 1991-94 (Wadsworth Institute, NY); Gary Fritz, 1991-94 (Eastern Illinois University); Larry Hribar, 1991-95 (Florida Keys Mosquito Control); Guangye Hu, 1989-90 (Shasta Mosquito Abatement, CA).

Longest Surviving Support at FMEL: Naoya Nishimura (grant-supported laboratory assistant: 1986-2017).

Photo Caption: Laboratory members August 2016 (L -> R): Maria Carrasquilla, Tom Swan, Phil Lounibos, Naoya Nishimura, Nil Honório, Sarah Murr, Irka (and Isla) Bargielowski-Blosser.