Marsh Management Strategies: Conclusion

The management strategies presented above represent the best compromise among many conflicting needs for these Indian River Lagoon marshes. Whenever possible, we have tried to promote enhancement of the marsh-lagoon connection, but we have also tried to inject some variety in the management strategies to assure as wide a range of benefits as possible.

The strategies presented for some impoundments are quite specific and need little modification, while others are more general and will require development of site-specific plans before they are implemented. This reflects not only the differing levels of knowledge available on the various marshes, but also the need to maintain flexibility in the way that the strategies are implemented at certain locations.

We consider this document as a flexible tool for management. In the future changes may be needed in response to new problems and opportunities. Changes may also be desirable as our knowledge on the structure and function of these marshes increases due to new research and increased management experience, and as conditions along the lagoon change as a consequence of man's activities, both positive and negative.