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Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Buzz Words Archive

Buzz Words Archive - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Articles are listed in chronological order with the most recent edition first.

Note:  There are web links that are no longer valid due to age of those pages.  "Google" searches might find similar article related to the topic or publication of those links.

Chikungunya in Florida: The Tip of the Iceberg? Jul-Aug 2014
A Workshop on Florida Mosquito Control and Reducing Florida's Risk From Dengue and Chikungunya May-Jun 2014
A Bibliography for Florida Dengue, Chikungunya and Florida's Vectors Mar-Apr 2014
Prepare in Advance for Dengue or Chikungunya in Your District Jan-Feb 2014
Dengue in Florida in 2013 Gives No Cause for Comfort Nov-Dec 2013
The 2012 West Nile epidemic in Dallas County, Texas: Déjà vu, all over again Sep-Oct 2013
Understanding How Dengue Can Be Introduced into Key West Jul-Aug 2013
A New Era for Florida's Support for State Aid to Florida Mosquito Control May-Jun 2013
Florida Mosquito Research Has Returned Huge Dividends to Florida Mar-Apr 2013
Can Key West Meet the Challenge of a Dengue Epidemic? Jan-Feb 2013
Obituary: Florida's Mosquito Control Research Program Nov-Dec 2012
Predicting the Risk for West Nile using Sentinel Chickens or Monitoring Mosquito Infection Rates Sep-Oct 2012
Florida Mosquito Control and Dengue in Florida Jul-Aug 2012
Developing an Effective Mosquito Control Program to Combat Dengue May-Jun 2012
Moving forward in the battle against Aedes aegypti and dengue in Key West, Florida Mar-Apr 2012
Key West Must Continue the Fight Against Dengue Jan-Feb 2012
A dangerous Precedent: Reducing Florida mosquito control capabilities in the face of a potential catastrophic Dengue outbreak Nov-Dec 2011
A Ray of Sunshine in the Fight Against Dengue Sep-Oct 2011
Florida's Future is at Stake: The Status of the Florida Mosquito Control Research Program Jul-Aug 2011
FMCA Tallahassee Days – 2011: The Battle Continues Mar-Apr 2011
Key West and Singapore: Meeting the Challenge of Dengue Control on Two Island Communities Jan-Feb 2011
Dengue in Key West: The Perfect Storm Sep.Oct 2010
Dengue in Key West? Florida’s Dirty Little Secret? Jul/Aug 2010
The Best of Florida Mosquito Control:Dr. George F. O’Meara May/Jun 2010
Florida's Third Rail: Declaration of a Mosquito-Borne Illness Threat Mar/Apr 2010
One World: Hati, Dengue,Florida Jan/Feb 2010
2010 Proposed Cuts in State Aid for Mosquito Control – Round 2 Nov/Dec 2009
Mosquito Control as a First Responder to Bioterrorism May/Jun 2009
Cutting Florida's State Support for Mosquito Control Mar/Apr 2009
Florida Mosquito Control During the Florida Budget Crisis Jan/Feb 2009
Florida’s State Support Budget for Mosquito Control: Tough Times May Undermine Florida Public Health Nov/Dec 2008
Is it Culex tarsalis or Culex coronator? Sep/Oct 2008
Mosquito Control and the Challenge of Delusory Parasitosis Jul/Aug 2008
The Importance of Florida Mosquito Control Association's Tallahassee Days May/Jun2008
Chikungunya Virus in Florida: Lessons from Italy 2007 May/Jun 2008
Florida Mosquito Control Research Program Mar/Apr 2008
Meeting of Florida Vector-Borne Disease Scientists Jan/Feb 2008
Florida and Chikungunya: Lessons from Chikungunya Italian Style Nov/Dec 2007
Vector-Borne Pathogens and the University of Florida's Emerging Pathogens Institute Sep/Oct 2007
Is West Nile virus a Threat to Florida? Reasons for Concern Jul/Aug 2007
Identity Crisis: The Practical Consequences of Proposed Generic Name Changes for Florida Mosquitoes Formerly Grouped in the Genus Aedes Jul/Aug 2007
Caution on Proposals to Reduce Florida Mosquito Control Budgets: Dangerous Times and a Step Back for Public Health and Well Being May/Jun 2007
An Outlook for Arborival Transmission in Florida During the Second Half of 2007 May/Jun 2007
Tough Choices for West Nile Virus Surveillance Programs Mar/Apr 2007
Chikungunya and Dengue: Challenges for Florida Mosquito Control Jan/Feb 2007
Sentinel Chicken Surveillance for West Nile Virus Nov/Dec 2006
Ticks in Florida Nov/Dec 2006
Sentinel Chicken Surveillance: Some Pitfalls in Analyzing the Data Sep/Oct 2006
Polymerase Chain Reaction: Detecting the invisible presence of biological weapons and future benefits for mosquito-borne disease surveillance Sep/Oct 2006
Mosquito Surveillance and West Nile Prediction: Lessons Learned Jul/Aug 2006
And Just When You Thought It Was Safe Out There, Along Comes Chikungunya May/Jun 2006
Building arbovirus surveillance programs in Central Asia May/Jun 2006
The Florida West Nile Forecast for 2006 Mar/Apr 2005
Support for Mosquito and Mosquito-borne Disease Research Nov/Dec 2005
Relationships between host viremia and vector susceptibility for arboviruses Jan/Feb 2006
West Nile Surveillance and Florida Mosquito Control: Acting on Surveillance Information Sep/Oct 2005
Evaluating Scientific Papers: Details are Important Jul/Aug 2005
The Name Game: Thoughts on the Proposed Reclassification of Aedini May/Jun 2005
Commentary on Research Findings. Nonviremic transmission of West Nile virus: Implications for understanding West Nile epidemiology May/Jun 2005
Avian Amplification of Arboviruses: The key to epidemic transmission Mar/Apr 2005
Florida West Nile Surveillance: Estimating Mosquito Transmission Frequencies Mar/Apr 2005
A Florida Mosquito Control Arbovirus Response Plan Jan/Feb 2005
Florida's 2004 West Nile Transmission Season Nov/Dec 2004
Florida in 2004: Hurricanes, Mosquitoes and West Nile Sep/Oct 2004
West Nile Epidemic? These are the questions we will ask Jul/Aug 2004
Sentinel Surveillance and Human Risk for West Nile Virus Mar/Apr 2004
Florida’s Sentinel Chicken Surveillance Program: Smart Chickens Jan/Feb 2004
Great Move by the Indian River County Health Department and the Florida Department of Health, September 2003 Nov/Dec 2004
Sentinel chicken surveillance programs: Pay attention to safety May/Jun 2003
Models 101 May/Jun 2003
Mosquito pooling: Getting a return on your investment Mar/Apr 2003
The relationship of WN dead birds and human cases Mar/Apr 2003
West Nile virus in Florida: The Calm Before the Storm? Jan/Feb 2003
2002 FMCA Fall Meeting Nov/Dec 2002
Insecticide Rates of Application and Public Protection Jul/Aug 2002
Predicting the "Big Event" May/Jun 2002
West Nile virus Detection: The details are important. Apr/May 2002
Florida's Mosquito Control Research Program: Scant resources and missed opportunities Jan/Feb 2002
Sentinel Chicken Surveillance and West Nile Virus in Florida Nov/Dec 2001
Ehrlichia in Florida Sep/Oct 2001
West Nile in Florida: Getting Ready for 2002 Sep/Oct 2001
Mosquito Vector Competence Tests for West Nile Virus: What do they mean for Florida? Jul/Aug 2001
Florida Response Levels to West Nile virus Detection: Options for Mosquito Control May/Jun 2001
Finding WN Positive Birds in Florida: Getting Serious Mar/Apr 2001
A West Nile Virus Positive Bird: WN Response by the Numbers Jan/Feb 2001
What's in a Name? Aedes to Ochlerotatus Dec 2000
West Nile in North America: A Florida Perspective Oct/Nov 2000
The Challenge of West Nile Virus to Florida Mosquito Control Jun/Jul 2000
Identifying Research Needs for Florida Mosquito Control Apr/May 2000
Mosquito Variability: Did the mosquito do it? Aug/Sep 2000