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Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

FMEL Fall Advanced Mosquito Identification and Certification for Florida Mosquito Control

**** 2023 dates: October 23-27 ****

The FMEL Fall Advanced Mosquito Identification and Certification Course for Florida Mosquito Control is an intensive training on the species-level identification of the mosquitoes of Florida. The course is held in fall (typically October) each year at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory (UF/IFAS) in Vero Beach, FL.

THIS TRAINING IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO EMPLOYEES OF MOSQUITO CONTROL DISTRICTS IN FLORIDA. We offer another, similar training in spring each year, which is open to anyone interested in advanced mosquito identification.

This course is divided into two parts (one week each), taught in two consecutive years. Adult Mosquito Identification is taught in odd-numbered years (2021, 2023, 2025, e.g.). Larval Mosquito Identification is taught in even-numbered years (2022, 2024, 2026, e.g.).

Applicants must commit to 2 consecutive years of attendance in order to be accepted.

Each training week culminates in written and practical exams. Combined grades of 70% must be achieved in order to receive UF/IFAS/FMEL Certification as a Certified Mosquito Identification Specialist. Attending the course does not guarantee certification. This is not an introductory course, and students should have prior knowledge of Mosquito Morphology, be familiar with stereo and compound microscopes as well as insect identification keys.

Application and Registration

To apply for the FMEL Fall Advanced Mosquito Identification and Certification Course, download and complete the Application Document (MS Word) for the year that you wish to attend. Applications will be accepted August 1-31 each year. Applications submitted outside of this period will not be accepted. No advanced registration is permitted. No waiting lists are available. Acceptance will be communicated to applicants in August each year.


Dates for this training will be announced on this website each year.


Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Many students choose to stay after class, or come back to the classroom after dinner to study in the evenings.

Course Payment

Course fee:  $400.00 per year

Approved registrants must pay tuition in full by September 30th each year to guarantee their seat in the course.

Checks or money orders, made payable to “University of Florida”, can be mailed to course instructors. Credit card payments will be made through EventBrite. We CANNOT accept cash.

Cancellation policy

Due to high demand for this training each year, we enforce a registration fee cancellation policy.

Cancellations must be made in writing to The amount of refund will be based on the date the written cancellation is received and will be issued as follows:

  • Cancellation with 30 or more days notice, refund = 100%.
  • Cancellation with 15-29 days notice, refund = 50%.
  • Cancel with less than 15 days notice, No refund.


Microscopes and teaching specimens are provided.  Students who wish to bring their own microscopes may do so, however this is not recommended. Textbooks and other course materials are included in the course fees and will be provided to each student in class.  Students are welcome to bring mosquitoes that they wish to identify.  Adult female mosquitoes should be transported frozen or properly mounted on pins.

Meals: Morning and mid-afternoon refreshments provided daily.

Contact Dr. Nathan Burkett-Cadena at 772-226-6617 or