Tracking down your mosquito problems

Clean up waterholding objects by dumping the water or removing the objects


Essential Information on the ZIKA Virus (Información sobre el Zika)

Risk Prediction from Chikungunya Virus

Emergence and Risk Prediction for Florida of Chikungunya Virus

DNA metabarcoding mosquitoes

DNA metabarcoding mosquitoes

Container Mosquitoes

Ecology of Container Mosquitoes; Biological Control of Mosquitoes

Nutrition Ecology of FL Mosquitoes

Gonotrophic interactions; C. nigripalpus; A. aegypti

Marsh Management Strategies

Marsh Management Strategies for Indian River Lagoon Marshes

Biological Control using Copopods

Biological Control of Mosquito Larvae using Copepods

Encephalitis Biology & Epidemiology

Population dynamics of mosquito vectors and avian amplification hosts

Simulations and Modelling

Population Dynamics & Epidemiological Modelling

Investigation of mosquito vectors

Investigating distributions, abundances, and connectivity of mosquito vectors

Sugar feeding for arbovirus surveillance

Capitalizing on sugar feeding by mosquitoes for arbovirus surveillance

General Information

Do you have mosquitoes in your Yard?

Mosquito larvae grow in small water holding containers. What can you do to prevent these container mosquitoes?

FMEL Photos

Images from FMEL and FMEL events are now here.

2018 FMC White Paper

Florida Mosquito Council 2018 updated white paper.