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Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

FMEL in the media

New gene-editing tools may help wipe out mosquito-borne diseases.  Greg Allen.  Morning Edition NPR.  Jan. 26 2024.

UF researchers in Vero Beach designing a trap to collect information on mosquitos.  Ari Hait.  WPBF News.  Sept. 21 2023

Floods, warm temperatures promote mosquito production.  Specialty Crop Industry.  AgNet Media.  September 1, 2023.

Beer can make you a mosquito magnet.  St. Louis / Southern Illinois Labor Tribune.  July 24, 2023.

Have bromeliads? Here’s how to stop them from becoming mosquito breeding grounds. Mellisa Ratliff.  WWSB.  July 21, 2023.

What makes you a mosquito magnet?  Some people are more prone to pesky bites.  Cindy Krischer Goodman.  Seattle Times.  July 6, 2023.

Think sharks, snakes, or spiders are the deadliest predators? The mosquito would like a word.  Tom Bayles.  WCGU.  June 26, 2023.

The 12 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants to Try in Your Garden.  Help keep bloodsuckers at bay.  Korin Miller.  Prevention.  June 26, 2023

Keep mosquitoes away from your patio with these expert tips.  Simple ways to enjoy a summer evening with fewer of the season’s most annoying party-crashers.  Kathryn O'Shea-Evans.  The Washington Post.  June 22, 2023.

Florida records second rare case of malaria.  Jan Wesner Childs.  The Weather Channel.  June 21, 2023.

Burmese pythons are helping rats take over Florida Everglades - and that could help spread disease. Hanna Osbourne.  June 5, 2023.

Rare case of malaria in FLoridaFlorida reports rare case of locally transmitted malaria; Alert issued in two counties.  Jan Wesner Childs.  The Weather Channel. May 31 2023.  Video here.



There's a new mosquito on the Florida scene, and scientists are worried.  Jim Waymer.  Florida Today. March 22, 2023.



Media image from The Conversation-JFDA
Why are some people mosquito magnets and others unbothered?  A medical entomologist points to metabolism, body odor and mindset.  Dr. Jonathan Day.  The Conversation.  September 9th, 2022.




New Florida Museum Gallery Exhibits Busts Mosquito Myths
New Florida Museum gallery exhibit busts mosquito myths.  Nikhil Srinivasan, Florida Museum, August 24, 2022.


Eva Buckner interview with Consumer Reports
How to find a mosquito trap that actually works.  Avoid bug zappers, experts say.  Instead, try these evidence-backed traps and other strategies to stay safe.  Kevin Loria. Consumer Reports.  August 18, 2022.  Inverview with Dr. Eva Buckner.

WIRED - Inside the Plan to Release Life-Saving Mosquitoes. 6/10/2022.  Interview with Dr. Eva Buckner (FMEL)

Smartt Lab
UF scientist tackles mosquito-borne illnesses, engages youth in STEM. Lourdes Mederos, The News Press 4/24/2022

South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report.  March 29, 2022

Culex mosquito blood feeding on a lizard
Study finds mosquitoes transmitting West Nile virus love to bite non-native lizards in Florida , Arizona (photo - UF/IFAS L.Reeves). Press release, Outbreak News Today.

Can antiviral agents help with immune systems fight mosquito-borne Dengue? Lourdes Mederos.  South Dade Newsleader.

Biosafety Lab
Mosquitoes that spread Zika are becoming resistant to the pesticides targeting them. Kathy Grey, WGCU.

Mosquito landing on the flower
The secret lives of mosquitoes, the world's most hated insects.  Cypress Hansen, Smithsonian Voices.

Aedes scapularis mosquito
Scientist find new invasive mosquito species in Florida.  Greg Allen, NPR.

PhysOrg article image
New mosquito species found in South Florida.  It's an aggressive biter, of course.  Adriana Brasileiro,

NPR Short Wave Podcast - Micro Wave: Why Mosquitoes Bite You More Than Your Friends NPR Short Wave: Why mosquitoes bite you more than your friends.  9 minute podcast.  Brit Hanson, NPR.

Manatee with face on surface of water
UF study shows mosquitoes bite manatees and may give viruses.  Tyler Treadway, Treasure Cost Newspapers.

Image of adult aedes aegypti
Yellow fever, asian tiger mosquitoes, both adept at transmitting Zika.  Infection Control Today.

Eva Buckner working with cage of mosquitoes
Treasure coast scientist working to stop West Nile virus mosquitoes.  Mike Winikoff, Hometown News.

Manatee under water
Study shows mosquitoes can spread diseases to manatees.  Lourdes Rodriguez, Lake Okeechobee News.,10589?


Silhouette of a mosquito adult with a yellow sun background
750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes are being released in Florida - Here's why.  Korin Miller, Health.

biting mosquitoes on a arm inside a mosquito cage
Scientists fight disease-carrying mosquitoes by letting them feed off their blood.  Elizabeth Landau, Washington Post.