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Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Wetlands & Estuarine Ecology Research

General Description:

The Wetlands and Estuarine Ecology group is involved in research on all aspects of the biology andsampling using a pull net at impoundment ecology of coastal wetlands and the Indian River Lagoon. Past areas
of research include mangrove and herbaceous halophyte dynamics and production, pore and surface water chemistry, fish population biology, zooplankton, sediment chemistry, segrass biology, and photosynthetically active radiation patterns in nearshore areas of the Lagoon.

Roots of mangrovesIn addition to conducting basic and applied research, members of the group are actively involved in the development of ecologically sound management strategies for various components of the Indian River system. Emphasis is also placed on environmental education, both for adults and students from the elementary to the high school level.

Natural habitats at FMEL